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7 May 2024

CEO roundtable: Hospitality competitors collaborate to tackle industry emissions. 

The April CEO Roundtable hosted 30+ CEOs and C-Suite to share experiences and discuss the challenges and opportunities of collective action in the transition to net zero. The discussion covered the need for increased collaboration pre-competitively and across the supply chain, as a critical part of tackling the most challenging industry emissions. 

Attendees were Zero Carbon Forum members who in turn operate 35,000+ locations and represent over a third of the hospitality industry, including Nando’s, Wetherspoons, Punch Pubs, Fullers, Wagamama’s, Wasabi, Five Guys, Burger King, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s.

Speakers included CEOs and CSOs from Nando’s, Azzurri Group (Ask & Zizzi), WSH (BaxterStorey & Benugo) and Heart with Smart (Pizza Hut restaurants & Itsu). 

Mark Chapman, CEO of Zero Carbon Forum, said: “No one can do this alone. At the Forum, we bring together industry leaders to learn from each other and progress solutions to the systemic challenges that threaten the future of hospitality. Everyone in the room was motivated by their personal role in the decisions and actions that must happen now.” 

The sector is both contributing to climate change and suffering because of its impact. The food and drink industry generates over a third of global greenhouse gas emissions. Impacts to food supply chains are increasing. On the menu are unpredictable harvests, unstable supply chains, sites compromised by extreme weather and an increasing reputational and legislative risk of inaction or greenwashing. 

Most Forum members have made strong progress on their individual emission measurement and reduction actions. However, members are hitting the “Carbon wall”, meaning they have made many of the reductions within their ability, and are reliant on the global food supply chain for further reductions.  

The Forum’s benchmarks tell us 70% of the sector’s emissions are in the supply chain. Scope 3 emissions found within the supply chain are much harder to tackle and require systemic solutions. Food supply chains are hard to influence acting alone.  

This is why collaboration is vital. Through The Forum operators collectively improve their understanding of the challenges and potential carbon reduction pathways in key emission areas including dairy, meat & supplier engagement. More than ever before, Forum members see the need for increased collective effort and engagement with food suppliers to reduce emissions and build resilience in the supply chain. 

Discussing why measurement was so important to a business’ reduction strategy, Zero Carbon Forum Director Bob Gordon shared anonymised membership insights from the climate action plans at the event.  

He said, “76% of Forum members have measured total emissions, but only 21% of the membership is tracking progress year on year. What gets measured gets managed, and this data gap leaves businesses vulnerable to missed cost-saving opportunities and incoming reporting requirements.” 

The presentation, including benchmark data, and key points from the panel discussion are available to Zero Carbon Forum members [here].

The next CEO Roundtable is scheduled for 3rd October 2024.

Apply [here] to access more information from the event and register to attend the next CEO roundtable.

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