What our members say about the forum

Net zero has always been a key aim for us. But we didn’t know how to get there. Joining the Zero Carbon Forum has given us a really good understanding of where we are on that journey, and lots of demonstrable things we can do to help us get to net zero

Paul Barnett, Group Financial Director Hall & Woodhouse

A couple of the most easy benefits working with the forum have been how we reduce our energy, that’s helped us immeasurably; your partnership on food waste, again that’s had a real impact on the way that we work and profitability; and being part of the focus groups and roundtables on how we take this project further. It’s really empowered our people and it’s embedded now in our ambition as a restaurant group

Martin Williams, CEO Rare Restaurants

We joined the forum because we’ve gone beyond the point when having a strong sustainability agenda is a competitive advantage. We’ve reached a point where we have to do it for the survival of our generation and our future generations. And the only way we can make change quickly is if we work together to drive to net zero

Steve Holmes, CEO Azzurri Group

That’s why the forum is so great, because it’s a genuinely open, sharing space, where people all want the same thing. We all want to impact climate change in a positive way and do the right thing

Ollie Rosevear, Group Sustainability Director Fullers

It’s absolutely solved our problem. We are a very small team in Riley’s and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of the forum. Join - it’s a relatively low cost and we’ve already got our money back

Craig Mayes, CEO Riley’s