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This free to use carbon calculator and toolkit was developed with funding from the Zero Carbon Forum, BBPA, UKH, Sky and the Brewers Company

A typical restaurant emits over 376 tonnes of carbon per year, the equivalent of heating 117 households in the UK.​ And around 35% of UK carbon emissions come from the production and consumption of food and drink. That means our sector has a role and duty in solving the problem - because we’re a big part of it.​​

Carbon is the new currency. And there are huge opportunities to cut carbon across ALL your operations. By taking ownership with leadership, sharing successes, innovation, technology and creativity, we will be able to reach our sector targets of net zero by 2030 for our own emissions and across our supply chain by 2040.​

To help you do this, we have developed a Carbon Calculator to help you calculate and understand your carbon emissions, and show practical ways you can reduce them; saving you money and enabling your business to thrive along the way.​

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