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28 May 2024

First-of-its-kind tool for calculating Scope 3 supply chain emissions for Licensees and Franchisees.

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new corporate Carbon Calculator.  

Many of our members have large estates and want to support their site operators, whether that’s pubs, restaurants or hotels, to reduce their carbon emissions.  

The new tool is a premium version of our free Carbon Calculator. Using some simple but powerful new functionality, it allows corporate subscriptions to quickly measure emissions from their franchisees (scope 2), and tenants and lessees (scope 3). 

Extending the features  of our free Carbon Calculator 

Our free Carbon Calculator is an online tool that independent pubs, hotels and restaurants can use to quickly measure their carbon emissions. The tool is incredibly user-friendly and designed for busy operators with little technical or sustainability know-how.  

Since the calculator launched in Q2 2022, 473 different companies have used it, representing completed carbon footprints for 5,976 sites, and totalling 1.7m tonnes of measured CO2. 

Kate Nicholls, CEO of UKHospitality said: “As a sector, we are fully committed to decarbonisation and are delighted to have played our part in developing the calculator and toolkit. We will be promoting this to our membership and the wider industry, so that businesses are supported to make positive changes to the way they operate. Hospitality is at the forefront of the race to net zero.”   

Joe Buckley, MD at The Tollemache Arms says: “The calculator was quick, easy to use, and helped us understand our carbon emissions and what actions to take. We’ve now joined the Forum so we can see a more detailed carbon footprint, collaborate with peers in the industry, and build a plan to get to net zero as quickly as possible.” 

If you’re an independent pub, hotel or restaurant and haven’t yet measured your carbon footprint, have a go. Like we said, it’s free to use, and you can complete it before you’ve finished your coffee - https://zerocarbonforum.com/calculator-zcf  

Responding to demand with our corporate Carbon Calculator 

We built the corporate version of our Carbon Calculator because our members were asking for it.  

In fact, Greene King Pub Partners were so keen to start helping their 1,200 pub operators become more sustainable, they rolled the tool out in February and started communicating with the trade press recently.  

Dan Robinson, MD of Greene King Pub Partners said: “Greene King Pub Partners is supporting its tenants, lessees and franchisees with access to the Zero Carbon Forum’s Carbon Calculator, which they can now use to calculate their carbon footprint and identify changes they can make to their businesses that contribute to environmental sustainability whilst also growing profitability.” 

Another organisation we’re speaking to about our corporate calculator has already tried to engage their 400 operators to measure emissions. But the footprinting tool they used, despite being internationally recognised, was so complex and convoluted it had a 0% engagement rate.  

To overcome these barriers to entry, our corporate calculator takes everything that’s great about our free version – that it’s quick, easy to use, and highly engaging – and adds three powerful extra features.  

1 – First, with a corporate subscription, you can see an overview of who’s signed up and has used the calculator. Essential visibility for celebrating successes and engaging any laggards. 

2 – Second, the corporate calculator lets you see your supply chain’s carbon data, both site-by-site and as an aggregate - a critical first step in any business’ journey to net zero.  

3 - Third, you’ll receive a toolkit with personalised reduction actions that aligns with your corporate plans. We can also include video case studies in this toolkit, sharing stories from your estate. 

Crucially, while our corporate calculator lets users see an individual site’s carbon emissions, we’ve made sure it will never show commercial data for those independents – overcoming a key engagement barrier for many.  

Want to know more? 

Do you want to measure the carbon emissions from your franchisees, tenants and/or lessees? The corporate carbon calculator is the best place to start – contact us to get a demo.  

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