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5 Mar 2024

Which? ranked most and least sustainable UK restaurant chains

We hope you have seen the recent Which? Report, that outlined how the sector was getting on regarding the path to net zero. The report, and our response to it, had widespread coverage in national media including titles such as The Times as well as within trade press such as Morning Advertiser.

The report has garnered lots of interest, across the media and from consumers, indicating that brands lacking a credible, data-backed story about their impact are at risk of scrutiny and criticism. 

Meanwhile, brands that have solid data and strong messaging about their impact, progress and plans will reap the benefits, many of which will flow straight to the bottom line.

Which? ranked brands that chose not to or were unable to respond to their survey questions alongside those that performed badly, highlighting further that if you are not taking action or not sharing your story, your brand is exposed to this criticism, with bodies such as Which? assuming the worst.  Green-hushing is no longer an option.

The forum wants all of our members to thrive in today’s market. We will continue to support you in measuring your environmental impact, to create a climate action plan, and support you to act to reduce your emissions. 

For every forum member, we offer a clear four-point plan:

  • Measure - gather data to measure your carbon footprint
  • Plan - use this process to build a bespoke Climate Action Plan
  • Reduce - set targets and implement actions to reduce your impact
  • Comply – communicate with stakeholders through compliance initiatives

Detail matters: get the carbon footprint your business deserves.

All forum members get a high-level carbon footprint & Climate Action Plan as part of their membership. However, those members subscribing to a detailed carbon footprint benefit from:

  • Validated data you can use to identify the true source of carbon emissions
  • A supported process that improves the integrity of your data over time
  • Outputs to support your sustainability claims to regulators, employees and customers

Our tools and services provide the credibility and confidence you need to both meet compliance requirements and clearly communicate to employees, customers and yes, even Which?, about your sustainability journey. 

Contact us for a demo of our Carbon Reporting software, or to talk about how you build a detailed, accurate and actionable carbon footprint for your business.You can read our full response in the article here.

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