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7 Nov 2022

Zero Carbon Forum Brewery Roadmap launched

The Zero Carbon Forum and BBPA have launched an expanded, targeted roadmap for UK brewers to help the sector decarbonise at pace to reach net zero. 

The bespoke roadmap is designed specifically for the brewing sector and provides guidance to support brewers on a pathway to net zero emissions. 

Industry specialists Carbon Architecture have provided a deep dive into brewing emissions within the roadmap and quantified the sector’s environmental impact. The actions needed are detailed, from optimising hot liquor systems to the decarbonisation of ingredients and transportation fleets, as well as highlighting the support needed from Government to help the sector on its net zero journey. 

In accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Account and Reporting Standard, the roadmap has been broken down into three ‘scopes’ for reporting purposes, with an additional focus on scope three emissions which are indirect emissions from supply chains. 

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